Flakes. Pieces of dark flakes flowed down slowly toward the
completly moistened ground. It was shaped like curved things with two
points. One side which was thicker than the other. Leaves. Indeed were
they leaves. Leaves which seemed to have glown blue, black during their

falling down. Was it the air which made them fall. No, it wasn't. It was
instead truly indeed an enormous blue, black energy which came through
passing like the swift wind.


           +  Dual!   +
The Unexpected  +
       + Continuations+

Fanfiction by Michael Ngo

Dual! and its associated characters are copyright of Pioneer LDC. Some
characters were made just for fun for readers to read.

(Warning: This is not standard Dual fanfiction. This fanfic contains scenes
of violence and some inappropriate languages.)


Part 1

        The huge blue, black energy propelled in the air with the completely
silent night passing through the woods without even giving off a string of
sound. It continued to hover over the grass as it rushed toward the direction
of a nearby smoke which seemed to be the only source of heat which
roamed in the cool chilly night that day. From the skies, the place where the
smoke dwelled could be clearly seen since it was the only thing that seemed
to be emitting that much light. It looked like a small fire which was spreading
rapidly for its size. Back there in the woods, a very soft voice from the blue,
black energy suddenly spoke up.

        "Zinv, hurry," the voice echoed in a serious tone which seemed to
vibrate within a radius of  a mile in a small circular portion of the forest.


     Flames crackled everywhere. Shrieking voices of screams was heard in
every single portion of the entire blazing town.Gun shots and explosions was
heard as well in an almost repeatedly but sudden way. People running for
their lives with looks of survival determination in their totally shocked faces
was scattered everywhere in the blazing town as some were even hit by
falling burning post and structures.

      Along a small portion of the town, a medium-sized green gear was
driven into corner by a black gear. The looks of the black gear seemed to
be the same as most of the other gears in the town. It had a "R" mark on its
chest and its back had a wing-shaped like propeller. Its head had a gold
crown-like metal with two green metal pointed ears and an antenae faced
front in a horinzontal manner. Its blue-colored eyes was in the front face and
was above the ears. Its head's lower portion seemed to look like a gold
mask starting from the lower gold crown-like metal. The green gear seemed
to look more ordinary than the black gear. Its whole body, including the feet,
was just green and its appearance seemed to look more like a small
humanoid type. Its head was rather simple since its head only had two bright
yellow eyes, two pointed ears, and a mask as well.

     "How about this bitch. Why don't you get out of that gear and let me just
rape you so I might have the compassion to spare you if you make me
contented with your body," an almost animalic voice from the advancing
black gear spoke up.

      Flash. A series of bullets suddenly pass through the black gear in a swift

     "Urghh!!!!! Who the hell did thiiiiii.........."

      It didn't get to finish its question. The black gear just fell down to the
ground with a large crash sound. Its whole body was filled with holes from
gunshots. Some which were still smoking.

      From one of the near uncollapsed buildings, a gear holding a gun
which seemed to be still smoking from all the bullets used up stood up in
an unmoving pose. It was a medium-sized red gear with a dark blue cape
being blown away by the wind. Its head was a bit similar to the other
gears as well since it also had the two pointed ears and masked-like mouth
but its two blue eyes wasn't just plain glowing blue. It was glowing a rather
very light blue color more like the crystal blue sky. Then within a slight
second, it just suddenly jumped down with a very lightly heard landing.

      "Hey Shayna, are you alright there? I'm sure am glad that I was able to
hit that bastard before he made you a roasted person," a feminine voice
from the red gear which just jumped down spoke up.

      "Thank God you came, Lieutenant Sanada. I thought I was a gonna be
a goner back there," Shayna said in a relieve voice.

       "Well I can't risk losing any of our forces anymore. We're too
outnumbered now," Mitsuki replied in a sort of sarcastic tone. "I guess we
better go and hide some place else before we manage to have a good plan of


        Darkness. Shadows. A Memory.

        Two gears were fighting against each other. One which seemed to be
larger than the other one. The larger one was a huge humanoid-shaped
black gear. It had two huge golden wings flapping violently in the razor-fast
winds. Its head was shaped more like an imitation of the legendary gear
Himiko except that it had two glimmering golden eyes below the golden
crown. It was Fulcione, the gear from the ruin civilization which was known
to be the strongest gear ever made throughout the history of their time.

         The smaller one was quite huge as well but was a bit smaller than the
other one. It was colored gray and had two emerald green triangular-shaped
wings. Its head had two crimson red eyes which glowed strangely bright and
a horn on the upper front part of the head. Its head as well had a
medium-lengthed blue lace on the upper back part and a golden circular band
sticked from the frontal middle part reaching the back part of the head. Its two
shoulders both had an emerald green stone attached to a golden circular band
in a way that both of the bands almost reached the back of the shoulders. Its
chest had a golden plate and a small crimson red ruby on the upper left part.
It was no other than Zinv, the gear that Kazuki used to defeat the legendary
Himiko and destroy the ruins excavated by the father of Mitsuki Rara, Hiroshi

        From the looks of things, the current outcome of the battle seemed to be
in the favor of Fulcione. It was actually true to the fact since Fulcione seemed
to have not even a single piece of scratch while Jinmu was already smoking in
several areas and was filled with cracks all over his outer surface. Despite
those things, Kazuki was as well over exhausted inside Jinmu while the pilot
of Fulcione seemed to be completely calm and relax. But despite all those
factors, there was still something that the enemy wasn't in the lead against but
was Kazuki leading instead. It was the spirit. The spirit of Kazuki's
determination to continue to fight. This was most unusual since Kazuki usually
fights without the willingness of defeating the enemy that much. It was all due to
what Fulcione has managed to do already. On one corner stood all  three core
units: unit one, two and three. Each which lost at least a foot or an arm. On
another corner stood a huge damaged battleship.and a group of people a bit
near it. Then of the group of people a man with black bushy on a lab's coat
walked towards the crashed battleship.

        "Where are you now going, Sanada?" a rather bossy feminine voice
spoke up.

         "Well, to the washroom of course. Why, do you want to go with me,
superintendent?" Ken replied in a sort of a bit questioning tone.

         "Darn, of course not you moron. And your going at a time like this. Do
what you want," the superintendent then replied back in an annoyed tone and
then turning back. “Just be careful over there.”

          Ken then turn backed with a rather gentle smile heading towards the
crashed battleship.


        "Darn-it,-I-could-n't-e-ven-get-a-scratch-at-it," Kazuki said breathing
rather very hardly.

         Then, out of the completely silent crowd, something seemed to make
noice. The noice became louder and louder as razor fast winds begin to blow.
It was something white. A huge white thing. A huge white thing with boosters
at the back. It was the ancient battleship that was used by the Global
Defense Force to escape from the long ago attack of the Rara forces when
Kazuki disappeared from the parallel world and destroy the remaining ancient
civilization of before. After a few seconds, the wrecked then began to hover
with the boosters charging. From its position, it seemed to be facing the
direction where Fulcione is.

         "No, no way. It can't be," Akane said shocked in a rather anguished
tone while dropping her knees towards the ground. A few tears then started
to fall down from her eyes. "You can't be doing this, Sanada!"

        "Sanada!?" a shocked response from the crowd suddenly followed
the reaction of Akane. Then of the stunned crowd, a female with long,
straight dark brown hair went down on her knees and then started crying.
"Father, don't do this. Please don't do this to me, FATHER!!!!!!!"

        "What the!? Who the heck is piloting that ship?" Kazuki said in a
shocked tone as he saw the white ship charging up and started charging
toward Fulcione. Then out of the voice receiver of Zinv came a man's

        "Kazuki, can you hear me? If then, please take care of things from now
on," the man's voice said.

        Kazuki seemingly familiar with that voice then replied, "Is that you, Chief.
What do you mean by 'take care of things'. What the! No way! That can't be!
Don't tell me you're in that ship! Chief! Answer me! Chief! Please don't do
this! Chief!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

         Within the ship came a smile of joy facing a bar meter reading -500.
Then at that same instant came the fiery red color of fire which spread at an
unmeasurable speed with crashing sounds of large explosions. Fulcione,
despite of its speed and quickness, didn't get to dodge the boostened up
charge of the ship due to its enormous size. Soon after the explosion, fog which
descended from the explosion started dissipitating. There seemed to be
something within the fog. A huge human shaped like thing. A huge human
shaped-like thing with wings. It was Fulcione.


          Everything seemed silent. There was but some extremely little sound
that could be heard. It seemingly was just like some other ordinary windy day.
Despite the fact that it seemed just like any ordinary day, somehow it wasn't
ordinary at all. Just then, something somehow started glowing. It was Zinv.

         Zinv. Zinv started glowing. It glowed bit by bit an exremely pure white
light. Then, within a second, it suddenly spread within a radius of a hundred
kilometers the extremely pure binding white light. Then, just a few seconds
after, the completely white binding changed into a crimson red color. From
the source of the binding light, a seemingly serious cold tone spoke up. It
said, "Now you die."

         Darkness then stood again. This time something was being heard. A
female voice shouting. The darkness then began to fade away.

         "Miss Sanada, watch out!" a green gear then bumped into the red
gear with the cape making the green gear got hit by the series of bullets that
was supposedly gonna hit the red gear instead.

         "Shayna, you alright?!" Mitsuki said in a worried feminine tone.

         "Miss Sanada, I'm sorry I can't keep up with you. Please go and
ruu...." the voice then fade out leaving the quote unfinished.

         "Please say something, Shayna. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

          The red gear then began to turn its head toward the attackers.
There were five of them. Five black advancing gears.

          "You bastards!" a feminine voice from the red gear shrieked while
turning and shooting a series of bullets towards the five advancing gears.
The five gears, however, seemed to be unaffected since they keep on
advancing while they tried to dodge and block the bullets. It then came to
pass that the red gear ran out of bullets when suddenly the two gears from
the sides dashed toward the red gear and kicked the two shoulders making
them broken. Then the two gears in the sides now from the three of them
went dashing too hitting the red gear to a few miles away lefting the red gear
dropped to the ground crashed.

          "'I'm sorry, Shayna. I couldn't avenge you after all." she said in a very
exhausted and depressed tone.

           The middle gear then pulled out its sword then charged toward the
red gear. Just before getting hit, Mitsuki blinked. Then did she saw that an
enormous gear in front of him. An enormous gray gear with green wings.
It was Zinv.

           "Ka-zu-ki," she then faded out in a rather assured way.

       End of Part I


Author's notes: Man, this part sure did take some time before posting it. I
think I ended it up in disappointment since it's a bit too short and got some
wrong things inside. This part is still unsure so I might just change somethings
here one of these days. I just do hope you did kinda appreciatted it^_^