Reverse Situations
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Part 1 Back Again?
      Sometime after the explosion when Zinv was destroyed,
everything was working out well until this occurred. It was in a
dark, gloomy night on spring when this happened.
    Kazuki, who was sleeping soundly on his bed, heard a noise
come out from the roof. "What's that sound?" Kazuki said
drowsuly as he opened his eyes.
    "What the!?" Kazuki said astonished as he saw a binding light
pulling him towards it.
    Stunned, Kazuki suddenly got sucked up to a similar vortex
that was used when he got to the parallel world before.
    "Ouch! That hurted! " Kazuki said as he fell to the ground in
a forest of somewhere. "Where am I? What the heck happened?"
    Dumbfounded by what he is seeing, "What! Halcynen and an
"R" machine! What the heck is happening here?!" Kazuki shouted
before being blown away by the air pressure from the missile that
was launched by the "R" machine. Everything went black. He was
    Kazuki woke up and saw Miss Mitsuki in her old Rara outfit
staring at him. "Ouch!" Kazuki said as he tried to get up from
the bed.
   "Don't get up. Your injuries haven't completely healed yet,"
she said as she helped Kazuki lie down again. She then
walked towards the curtain and changed her clothes.
   "Don't worry, I've registered you as one of my subordinates
so there's no problem anymore," she said as she changed her
   "Subordinates? What does she mean by that. And why is Miss
Mitsuki wearing her old Rara outfit? Wait! I think this happened
before already. What does this mean? Did I get sucked up again
to another parallel world or went to the past. I think I better act
casually like before. It might change the flow of time if I don't,"
Kazuki thought to himself.
   "Oh, yeah, thank you very much," Kazuki said. Miss Mitsuki was
still changing her clothes so he keep his head sideward towards the
other direction.
    Kazuki stared at her for the moment after the change of clothes.
She was now wearing a light blue long sleeve and a white long skirt
with her long, a little curly, light, brown hair spread at her back.
   "Oh, Please don't stare at me like that," Miss Mitsuki said as she
blushed and turned her head sideward.
   "Well, it just seemed like you were so much different from a while
ago," Kazuki said as he tried to look at her normally.
   "Well, its just that I put lot's of make-up so that it wouldn't be
so embarrasing to act as Miss Rah. Well now, I'm gonna get you
something to eat," Miss Mitsuki said as she walked towards the door.
   She then looked backed and said, "I'm Mitsuki, Mitsuki Rara."
   "I'm Kazuki, Kazuki Yotsuga," Kazuki offered as he looked at her
near the door."
   Looking back"Well then, Kazuki, please take care," She said as she left the
     Miss Mitsuki leaned back towards the closed door thinking of
Kazuki, while Kazuki just thought of how to get off this mess he's
in with.
    Three people suddenly entered the room. They were the friends
of Miss Mitsuki. They looked at Kazuki for a while and later
shouted, "All preparations are done, Lady Mitsuki."
    Kazuki just looked like he was thinking they were some kind
of weirdos.
    Kazuki was then assisted to move from the bed to the table where
he saw lots of delicious looking chinese food. Astonished, Kazuki
asked, "Miss Rara, did you cook all this by yourself?"
    Blushing, she turned sideward. "Well, yes," she replied.
    Marvelled by the looks of the food, he then tried to grab a dimsum.
Unfornately though, the dimsum fell back to the plate due to his injured
hand. Seeing this, Miss Mitsuki then grab the dimsum with her chopstick
and served it to Kazuki. Kazuki then turned sidewards, "Well, I can
actually eat by myself."
   "But it must be very hard for you to eat," Miss Mitsuki said as
she moved backward and faced his head downward.
   "Well yeah, I guess so, " Kazuki said still not facing her.
    Gaining a piece of confidence, Miss Mitsuki then served the dimsum
towards Kazuki as she said, "Say aaah." Kazuki then opened his mouth
still not looking at her and chewed the food.
    "How does it taste like?" she asked looking at Kazuki.
    "Umm, delicious! Miss Rara, your a wonderful cook," Kazuki
ansewered cheerfully after chewing the food.
    "Am not." Miss Mitsuki repiled modestly continuing to server
Kazuki. They continued these sequence for a couple of days until
Kazuki did get to have his wounds heal pretty well.
    Lying on the bed, he thought to himself, "I wonder what I should do.
 How could I explain it to everyone without affecting the future. I have
to somehow find a way to go to the National Earth Defense Force base
and take Miss Mitsuki along but how do I do that. I'm pretty sure I couldn't
take her away just like that,"Kazuki thought of it so seriously that he
happened to fell asleep again.

<End of Part 1>


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