Reverse Situations
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Part 2 Dreams
     "Darn Rara, I didn't expect him to even bring out the original,"
Ken Senada said after he pressed the surrender signal to the
      "So that makes it eight losses in a row," Inspector Yamano
said as she walked towards the chief commander.
       "Well, it's better than six months ago. We had ten straight
losses back there," he said as he sort of smiled.
        "Even if you say that, we might still end up that way again
too, you know," Akane said fighting back against the statement.
        "Well, yeah, I guess you're right. If only we had an ace
pilot, we might stand a chance against them," he said as he
thought of the boy Mitsuki mentioned to him.
           Two core units were fighting. One core unit was colored
red while the other was a Rara core unit machine which was
a bit larger than a regular one. They were both piloted by the
two Mitsuki's from their respective groups.
        "Darn it! She's quite good," Mitsuki Sanada said as she
narrowly dodge the missile launched by the Mitsuki Rara.
         "This pilot's got a life sympathy the same level as mine. I
better be careful," she said exhaustedly as she tried blocking the
punches that were being given to her.
          Their fight was so far equal until Mitsuki Sanada managed
to grab a battery attached to the core unit Mitsuki Rara was riding
           "I've got you now," Mitsuki Sanada yelled as she pulled the
battery off the core unit. It exploded and both of them was blown
to pieces by the explosion.
            Everything went black.
            "Mitsuki!" Kazuki shouted as he woke up from his dream
and was now sitting down on his bed. "It was all a dream then,"
he said as he held his head. Looking sideward, he then saw Miss
Mitsuki by his sleeping seated on a chair.
           "She must have looked after me while I was asleep,"
Kazuki thought as he lied down again. "I wonder what I should
do. What if my dream came true. I think I should do something
about it."
           "Dear, I think we should get the pilot of the red robot
on the other side. She's got the same level of life sympathy as
Mitsuki," Ayuko Rara said to her husband Rara as she got closer
to him."
         "Well, I guess you're right, if we manage to get that pilot, the
enemies would be defeated a whole lot easier," Rara said as he laughed
smiling a sinister smile.
          Silence was all over the place. There was nothing visible at
all except the black background.
       "Where am I? What's going on here?" Mitsuki Rara said as
she opened her eyes and found herself floating in nowhere.
            Suddenly she gazed upon a vision of two robots. The one
on the right was an averaged-size gray gear. It had a blue lace and
a horn above its head. Its chest got a golden plate with a crimson red
gem on the upper left of it's chest. Its two shoulder's got two emerald
green gems each with one curved golden  bar attached to it in a way
that it almost reached the back of its shoulders. Its lower right hand
got a metal guard covering the upper part of it's lower right hand. The
robot on the left was a large brown-colored floating mech. It had a
golden crown above it's head and brown-colored wings with an outline
of gold on its side. It's chest got an armor with a circular hole in it's
mid-lower part. It was none other than the legendary mech at the ruins
civilation, Himiko.
           "Himiko!" She said astonished as he saw it beat up the gray
gear. Somehow she felt like Kazuki was inside that gray gear. But she
wasn't able to do anything as though she was stunned and couldn't
move at all. Then in a split second, Himiko strucked through the
position where the pilot of the gray gear was. She then saw an
unconscious wounded Kazuki and herself looking at him without
mercy with like eyes that of the dead. Those visions suddenly
disappeared and at the same instance saw a Kazuki waving his hand
saying "Goodbye Miss Rara."
           "Kazuki!" she said shocked as she didn't saw anyone lying on
the bed now. "This couldn't be happening. This can't be true," she
said as droplets of tears dropped from her eyes. She cried.
           Mist was around everywhere. Nothing could be clearly seen
except the mist that was blocking the way. "I hope I could find my
way  to the base of the Natinal Earth Defense Force," Kazuki said
passing through the vines that was the blocking the way.
           After a few miles of walking, the mist was finally gone. He
then saw a young man who stood there looking at him. The man
was wearing a golden robe. He had long blond hair and crystal blue
eyes sparkiling. Kazuki just stared at him back. The man finally spoke
in a rather irksome tone, "Well,well, well,  if it isn't Kazuki Yotsuga. The
person who combined two worlds into one and also prevented the world
from being destroyed. And also the only known male person who can
pilot core robots."
           "What the! How do you know my name and the things about
me. Who are you?" Kazuki said surprised after he heard what the
man just said.
           "Well, I'm Shinryu Manazaki and I won't tell you the answers
to the rest of your questions unless you beat me," he then smiled as he
threw a sword near the ground where Kazuki was standing, "in a sword
fight," he continued. If you don't accept it, I'm pretty sure you'll regret
it later since you won't be able to see any of the two Mitsuki's alive."
He then pulled his sword of the sheath. It revealed a huge shining golden
sword which,considering the thickness, looked like it was around 20
           Kazuki then pulled the sword. "Alright then, I'll accept your
challenge if you promise not to harm them if I win," Kazuki said as he
hold the silver sword with both hands trying to hold it still.
            "If you win," Shiryu whispered to himself in a happy tone as
Kazuki started running toward him.
             "Take this!" Kazuki yelled as he made a downward slash
toward him. However Shinryu dodged it with ease and was now on
Kazuki's back. "I got you now!" Kazuki shouted as he made a
turn-around left slash which he thought was impossible to block
considering Shinryu's position. Kazuki  stood stuned. He was now
holding the edge of Kazuki's sword with two fingers on his right hand
and three fingers holding his sword which was now pointed toward
Kazuki's neck.
             "Is that all? Well, honestly, I'm quite disapointed but I have
to finish this match now," he said still smiling as he gave a quick punch
toward Kazuki's body with his left hand. Hitted by the impact, Kazuki
flew around 10 feet away until he hit a tre and fell to the ground. He was
now lying on the ground, almost unconscious, while blood spitted of his

            "What the hell is he," Kazuki whispered to himself before
blacking out.

<End of Part 2>
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